Google’s bike-sharing program, BikePix, has a problem

The ride sharing company has been struggling to find the right balance between making money and giving its users a fun, safe, and sustainable experience.

Google has invested in bike-share programs that have proved a hit, but a recent report suggests the company is facing serious competition from the likes of ride-hailing giant Uber. 

Read moreThe ride-sharing company has invested more than $1 billion in its bike-hail service, BikeShare, which has had a steady stream of users sign up.

The service has raised more than a half billion dollars from investors, including Goldman Sachs, which put its stake at nearly $300 million, according to Bloomberg. 

But with a lot of the investment going into the service, the company has struggled to make money off of the bikes.

The company recently rolled out its own bike-toting robot and is looking to expand the program by hiring a second pilot bike-riding robot.

BikeShare also has faced criticism from some in the industry.

The startup’s founders have criticized ride-share companies like Uber, which have been able to offer ride-hire vehicles for short periods of time while riders hop on and off of bikes, and ride-pool services, which are designed to offer rides to anyone who wants one. 

In addition to the criticism, the bike-rental service has been hit with a lawsuit filed by a group of New York cyclists who claim that the company’s ride-hare service has infringed on their First Amendment rights. 

The suit, filed last year in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New Jersey, alleges that Uber, Lyft, and other ride-rentals violate the First Amendment by providing ride-to-hire services for people without a business or employer. 

A Google spokesperson told Bloomberg News that the ride-service company has taken several steps to address the issue, including launching a bike-repair program in partnership with a bike shop. 

“BikePix is a ride sharing program that is designed to provide people a way to make an easy commute while also sharing their bicycle’s unique attributes and unique capabilities,” the spokesperson said.

“The company has built a fleet of over 1,000 bikes and we continue to roll out bikes to our customers, who are the most passionate users of the service.”