Bicycle manufacturer Schwinn is getting rid of the brake cable

Bicycles are getting increasingly popular, and the number of people riding them has been on the rise for years.

But there are fewer brake cables on bikes today than there were decades ago.

Schwinn Bicycle Corp., which makes the bicycles that go on most Americans’ wheels, says it’s cutting them out of all the bicycles it makes.

The company’s chief executive, Richard Schwalins, says the change is necessary to make sure the company can continue to make bikes that are both affordable and durable.

“We’ve got to be able to continue to meet our customers’ needs as they change, and also continue to be competitive,” he said.

But Schwinn says the decision to stop using brake cables is a good one.

The bike companies have made a point of telling riders that they are not responsible for the damage caused by their bikes.

Schwalens says the company is making sure the cables that go onto the pedals are durable enough to survive the rigors of use.

The bikes that go into people’s homes are much more durable, and they’re also less likely to have the kind of breakdowns that derail or cause accidents, he said in an interview with NBC News.

Schwenn has spent the past several years looking for a way to make its bicycles more durable.

Schwinn has tried many different kinds of brakes, including the new, lighter, and cheaper Schwinn Plus.

It also has a few other designs, like the Schwinn XC, which comes with a hydraulic brake pedal.

The XC was supposed to have an added safety feature that would help keep bikes from falling over, but the company never got the chance to make that one.

A recent investigation by The New York Times showed that the XC could have a higher crash rate than some other bikes.

The report also said the brake cables were often not strong enough to keep a bike upright.

“The way we’re making these bicycles, we’ve found that the cables on the bicycle wheels are not strong,” Schwaliens said.

“So we’re not making them for the purpose of stability.

So we’re going to be making them to make them as durable as possible.”

For its part, Schwinn said it is still willing to sell bicycles that are made with new brakes.

The brakes it makes today have been designed with new technologies in mind, and Schwinn will continue to use the brakes on its bikes.

“There are a lot of factors that we look at,” Schwenins said.

And, he added, “It’s the safety of our customers, the safety in our bikes, the durability of the bicycle.”

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