Bell bicycle helmets to go into production in 2017

Bell has confirmed it is planning to produce its own helmets for cyclists, with plans to introduce them in 2017.

The company said it will launch the new helmets in 2017, which will include a more robust design.

“We have a vision of the future where helmets will be the everyday part of every bike, so that’s why we’re investing in the future of helmets,” said Paul Stolberg, the company’s director of corporate communications.

The helmets will include two-layer foam padding, a reinforced shoulder pad and a padded head tube.

The helmet is expected to cost around $160, which Bell has said is “well below what it would cost to produce them in a traditional factory”.

The company is also planning to introduce a wider range of helmets in a bid to reduce the number of casualties. 

“We will offer a range of sizes and shapes, from the smallest to the largest, which allows for different styles of riding,” Stolbe said.

The announcement comes as the government plans to review helmet safety rules for cyclists in a move that has been criticised by the head of the British Cycling Federation.

In a statement, the British Cyclists Union said it was “very disappointed” with the announcement and urged the government to review the rules.

“The UK’s cycling industry is in a perilous state and we are calling for the review to take place as soon as possible,” the BCA said.

“Cycling has been a key part of our lives and our families for thousands of years.

Our helmets will do much to protect cyclists from injury and fatalities, and make a difference to our communities.”