Bike store with a history of bike theft and vandalism has been hacked

A bike store in downtown Denver is currently under investigation after an employee received a threatening message on Facebook.

In a message to employees on Wednesday, a man described as a “federal agent” told the group that he was “going to find your bikes and put a bullet in them and take them to the feds.”

“I don’t care if you’re a bicycle owner, you don’t have to give me the money,” he said.

He also threatened to “beat the crap out of your head.”

The man also claimed that he had access to a gun and that he “could kill all of you,” according to police.

He then allegedly left the store, but returned a few minutes later to make threats.

When Denver Police Detective Chris Stacey arrived at the store on Wednesday morning, he found the employee had been robbed of his bicycle.

The man told Stacey that the thief had given him a fake identification and told him to “call [the police] immediately.”

Stacey said that the bike shop owner later told him that he has a warrant out for his arrest.

He also said that if the man was arrested, the store owner would take the money.