Harley Davidson bike: Harley Davidson’s latest adventure

Harley Davidson has released a new bicycle with an extra-long battery, as it unveiled its latest model, the Harley Davidson Bicycle.

The company says the new bike has been designed to carry more power than the original model, and has been updated with new technology.

The new model is available in the standard bike colour of silver with black or white paint, and comes with an all-new handlebar and seat.

The bicycle is available from July next year.

Harley Davidson says the bike will cost $1,199.99, which includes the battery and charger.

The latest edition of the Harley-Davidson Bicycle will be the most powerful model since the company launched the Harley Sportster in 2013.

The Harley Davidson company has been trying to revive its fortunes in the US market since the global financial crisis, and it is hoping that this model will attract buyers from the American market.

The firm says it will be launching a range of new bikes in the coming months.

The first is a new line of sport bikes, the Sportster, which will be powered by a 1,200bhp twin-turbocharged engine and will be sold in the USA from July.