When you’re in Spain, how do you get around the country?

Spanish people are known to be quite good at adapting to the changing climate.

But when it comes to travel, they’re often not very good at figuring out how to get around.

So a lot of them are stuck, according to one study published in the journal PLOS One.

And it’s not just in the Spanish capital.

The survey of nearly 5,000 people found that most Spaniards had never been outside of Spain for more than a few days, and most people were too lazy to try.

So how do they get around?

According to the survey, most people have a map of their city or town.

They know where the best places to eat are and where to go shopping.

But there are plenty of gaps in the knowledge.

For instance, in some of the major cities, the survey found, people don’t know what to do if they find a dead body in the street.

A lack of information about what to expect in Spain is a problem, according the researchers.

In fact, they said, the most common way people reported being frustrated in Spain was because they were “afraid to get out of their car, afraid of what to wear and afraid to leave their car.”

What do the researchers think are the most important things to know about traveling in Spain?

There are so many different things to do, and so many cultures that you can travel to, the researchers said.

So you can learn about a country’s history and culture.

If you’re not a foreigner, there’s a great deal of knowledge about what a typical day looks like, the report said.

The researchers said the survey also showed that people are often not prepared to do things like get to know a foreign culture, because they think they can learn things in a day or two.

“We found that people did not understand that when they were travelling to a foreign country they had to learn how to interact with a foreign person, so the knowledge of a foreign language, how to do business, and how to work in a foreign environment is something that is often lost when people don�t have a good grasp of that,” the researchers wrote.

What to do before and after a trip to Spain: