This is a bicycle stand on a bicycle

The Bike BikeShare bike stand in Seattle is a bike rack that has an entire wall of bikes, one for every bicycle that comes in.

The racks are not just a place to get a ride; they’re a place of empowerment.

The BikeShare program has more than 6 million participants.

They’ve even won the 2015 King County Bicycle Award.

The stand has more bike than most bike racks in the city.

The stands bike racks have been in the works for about a year.

That’s when the Seattle Department of Transportation was looking to get the bikes out.

So they contacted bike enthusiasts, including the owner of the bike stand.

He wanted the stand to be a way to raise awareness for bicycle safety.

“I had been hearing about bicycle safety issues and how unsafe these bikes were,” he said.

So, he put the idea in writing with the city to see if they could get a permit for the stand.

They asked for a permit in April of 2018.

The city gave him permission to start construction.

The bike stand was built in March of 2020 and opened in April.

It has been a success so far.

“It’s really a great idea.

We’re doing great,” said Steve Reimers, who owns the bike store.

“The bikes are being taken off the streets.”

Reimings said he hopes to make the stand more popular in the future.

He plans to build another stand near the Capitol.

“If you have a bicycle and you want to put it on the sidewalk, that’s okay,” he explained.

“You can put it up on the side of the sidewalk or you can put that up in the street.”

He said he plans to have a bike stand on the corner of Eastlake Avenue and Pine Street.

Reimars hopes to be able to put up a new stand next month.

“We have to see what happens.

If it works out, it will be a great addition to our downtown,” he added.

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